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07/07/15: Tenth anniversary of 7/7: 7/7 Ten Years On - An indictment of the State and the state of investigative journalism

03/10/11: New 7/7 Video released by Tom Secker: 7/7: Crime and Prejudice

03/06/11: J7 announce the launch of the Official blog of the Free Mohammed Campaign.

21/03/11: J7 publish our Submission to the Inquests regarding resumption of the inquests into the four.

29/10/10: J7 publish 7/7 Inquests transcripts as searchable, print-friendly PDFs.

16/10/10: J7 launch the dedicated new J7: 7/7 Inquests Blog for latest Inquests news and analysis.

07/10/10: J7 publish our Submissions to the 7 July Inquests, a series of documents compiled following Lady Justice Hallett's decision to accept submissions suggesting questions and lines of inquiry for the Inquests.

10/08/10: A new film 7/7: Seeds of Deconstruction has been released that places 7/7 in its wider historical and political context, and examines some of the many unanswered questions that still surround 7 July 2005.

01/08/10: J7 publish a review of another 7/7 related book, Out of the Tunnel, by Rachel 'North'.

07/07/10: J7 publish a detailed analysis of the number 30 bus explosion in Tavistock Square.

01/11/09: J7 respond to two 7/7 articles published in Notes from the Borderland issues 7 and 8. Read our response here.

01/11/09: Debunking 7/7 Debunking: An article in two parts that debunks some of the disingenuous attacks against those not convinced by the official story of 7/7. Read Part 1 here and read Part 2 here. October 2010 update: Debunking 7/7 Debunking Part 3.

04/07/09: J7 publish a revised, updated and expanded list of nine possible Alternative Hypotheses.

03/03/09: J7 publish an exclusive interview with political prisoner Hussain al-Samamra, a Palestinian who sought political asylum in the UK, only to be imprisoned for two years without charge by the British State.

13/01/09: J7 challenge assertions made by Paul Stott in his paper and presentation to the Anarchist Studies Network conference at Loughborough University

14/04/08: Latest J7 article in the Capitalising on Terror series published: Human Rights Abuses & The Demonisation of 'The Enemy' in Secret Britain

07/03/08: J7 publish two new articles summarising the results of the 7/7 investigation, "Three years of investigation, 7 arrests, 3 charges" - Part 1 and Part 2. See also the latest update.

07/02/08: J7 Exclusive Report: Peter Power's CV Fakery - 7/7 terror rehearsal man and regular BBC 'terror' consultant was suspended from Dorset Police pending an internal inquiry that resulted in a file being sent to the Director of Public Prosecutions. Full story here.

04/01/08: In July 2007 the BBC approached J7 asking for participants in a 'documentary' about 7/7. Six months after initial contact, the BBC revealed the 'documentary' was part of BBC2's risible Conspiracy Files series. On learning this, J7 declined to participate. Find out why in the full J7 response to the BBC.

03/12/07: 7/7 Ripple Effect - J7 issue a rebuttal and rejection of the film and its unsubstantiated speculation.

05/11/07: Latest J7 Flyer published. View here, download PDF here and here

11/09/07: J7 book review - J7 reviews The 4th Bomb, a book by Daniel Obachike.

11/09/07: J7 reconstruct and republish the 7-7 discussion from the forum of cult writer/director Alex Cox.

24/08/07: Over a year since Dr John Reid acknowledged a fundamental error in the official Home Office 7/7 narrative, J7 receive a response to a series of Freedom of Information requests which includes an amendment to the repeatedly discredited narrative. Read the story and the revised section of the Home Office narrative on the J7 blog.

16/08/07: Channel 4 News' Darshna Soni blogs about the need for a 7/7 public inquiry and asks how independent or public such an inquiry would be under the Inquiries Act 2005, a piece of legislation that puts the government in control of 'independent' inquiries - 7/7 and the public inquiry dilemma, formerly titled, "Why it's time for a public inquiry into 7/7"

13/08/07: "Anyone who thinks the [Home Office] report is a full account is not being serious or realistic." On the launch of his new film The Homefront, the Cousin of 7/7 victim Anthony Fatayi Williams, filmmaker Thomas Ikimi, tells J7 about his film and the experiences of his family at the hands of the government since 7/7.

30/06/07: Major new content added - J7 Analysis of King's Cross / Russell Square incidents

04/06/07: July 7th Truth Campaign interviewed on Channel 4 News as a new survey shows 59% of Muslims don't believe the government has told the whole truth about 7/7. Watch Darshna Soni's original report, Survey: 'government hasn't told truth about 7/7', read viewer comments on the piece that show it's not just Muslims who don't believe we have been told the truth. See also Darshna Soni's follow-up blog and 7/7 The Conspiracy Theories which explains some of the many errors and anomalies in the official story.

03/06/07: Major new content added - J7 Analysis of Edgware Road / Paddington incidents

28/05/07: Major new content added - J7 Analysis of Liverpool Street / Aldgate / Aldgate East incidents

02/05/07: Full transcript and video of Tayab Ali's post-crevice statement on behalf of Salahuddin Amin

01/05/07: Video, audio and full transcript of Imran Khan's statement on behalf of Nabeel Hussain, who was acquitted of all charges in the Crevice trial

01/05/07: Transcript of Imran Khan's statement on behalf of the 5 men convicted in the Operation Crevice trial, given at the end of the trial on 30/04/07, which includes a statement by J7 on the renewed calls for a public inquiry into the events of 7/7

07/03/07: J7 publish a new article by Professor David MacGregor, 'July 7th as Machiavellian State Terror?' an article in which the events of 7/7 are given historical context and examined as potential acts of, 'Machiavellian state terror, spectacular violence perpetrated against the state by elements of the state itself'.

26/02/07: J7 is pleased and honoured to announce the publication of "The economics of 7/7 and other mysteries of capitalism explained", an article written for the July 7th Truth Campaign by writer and journalist William Bowles.

24/02/07: Brand new J7 article Capitalising on Terror - Who is really destroying our freedoms? - A look at how 7/7 has been used as the justification for the imposition of Draconian laws that criminalise everyone.

06/02/07: J7 publishes the London Bombings Dossier - an extensive portfolio of research by David Minahan, former National President of the MSF (Amicus) Union.

11/01/07: Above Top Secret publish an interview with J7 Truth Campaign team.

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London bombings: the unasked and unanswered questions


An article by Fazal Rahman, Ph.D. - written August 8, 2005

Muslim resistance to US-UK imperialism gains nothing from the truly terrorist acts, like those of the London bombings. US imperialism is the main beneficiary of such acts. It is highly improbable that the leaders of Muslim resistance do not understand this or that they would carry out such actions for the benefit of their mortal enemy. Who actually carried out the London bombings?

London Bombings: Unasked and Unanswered Questions

British authorities have laid the blame for the recent London bombings on some dead Muslim “suicide bombers”, who died, along with numerous other victims. Hundreds of people were also injured. Overwhelming majority of the dead and injured, as well as other passengers, on the trains and the bus, were not Muslims and were White British and other Westerners. And yet, the British authorities singled out a few Muslim passengers, who died in the bombings, as suspects, claiming that they were doing so on the basis of “forensic evidence”.

Nothing is easier than to blame such a crime on someone, who is dead and cannot defend himself, especially in the current hysteria of “War on Terrorism” in the West. There can be no conclusive and definitive “forensic evidence” in crimes of this nature. Whatever forensic evidence was found or concocted could have also been equally associated with numerous other victims as well as non-injured passengers.

Why would anyone blow himself/herself up during an attack like the London bombings, when it can be done rather easily by leaving the explosives on the trains and the bus, and disembarking without endangering oneself? The so-called “suicide bombers” in Palestine, Israel, and Iraq carry out such acts because they have very few, if any, other options in those situations. If they could carry out such actions without endangering or killing themselves, they would certainly choose that option.

The situation was totally different in London. The attackers had many options available to them. From the perspectives of the perpetrators, “suicide bombing” would be the most irrational, unnecessarily self-destructive, unlikely, and worst option in that situation, the ultimate psychopathic and self-destructive masochism. The best, most rational, and most likely option would have been, and most probably was, to leave the explosives on the targets, disembark, and then wait for the news of the results from a very safe distance. Logically, that is the most plausible and likely scenario. Most people who plan and carry out such acts are not stupid. They make careful and logical decisions and choose, what, they think, is the most practical and best option, from a variety of options, available to them in the particular situations.

Why was the above scenario not considered or considered seriously? Was it considered at all? If so, why has there been no public information or discussion of it?

The West has become totally decadent, unethical, and demonic, in subservience to the US imperialism. Almost every word the Western leaders, and especially those of the US, utter, in connection with the “war” on Iraq or “War on Terrorism”, is a most criminal, diabolical, and mass destructive lie. They are calling the invasion as “liberation”, occupation and colonialism as “democracy”, plunder and robbery as “generosity” and “reconstruction”, resistance to invasion, occupation, colonialism, plunder, and robbery as “insurgency”, and the March of Imperialism and Fascism as the “March of Freedom and Democracy” - and getting away with it! The victims of this most powerful and monstrous imperialist aggression are trying to resist it, the best they can, in face of incredible and seemingly impossible odds. However, Muslim resistance has nothing to gain, and a lot to lose, by bombings in London, Madrid, or elsewhere in Europe. Muslim resistance knows it and so do the imperialists.

Imperialists are the ones who reap enormous gains and benefits from such incidents, which are especially valuable at the current stage of developments, in which, the public support for the “War” on Iraq and “War on Terrorism” is rapidly declining, even in the US.

Is the Muslim resistance so ignorant, irrational, stupid, and masochistic that it would plan and implement such acts for the benefit of its mortal enemy, the US and British imperialism? Highly unlikely, almost impossible. If anyone is irrational, ignorant, and disinformed, it is the hundreds of millions of Westerners, who seem to be unable to see through the self-evident and mentally retarded lies of their leaders, in connection with the invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan. Every Muslim child sees right through them and knows that these invasions are imperialist, centered around the robbery and plunder of the fabulous petroleum, natural gas, and other resources in these areas. There is no way that the leaders of Muslim resistance do not understand or know the effects of such actions and incidents. To portray them otherwise is pure racist and chauvinistic delusionism. And yet, such tactics are standard throughout the Western establishments, especially the official ones, under the influence of which, very large parts of their populations remain in perpetual state of false consciousness, in international and political affairs, bordering on delusions. The fact that one is hardly seeing any questioning of the official British version of the nature of London bombings, is a result of such mas produced “consciousness”, which defies all logic, facts, and evidence, and internalizes and reproduces the official garbage, thrown into it, with a mechanicalness comparable to the hard drive or compact disc of the computer.

In the case of London bombings, in the absence of any real evidence about the perpetrators, first and foremost, it is essential to ask who gains from such acts and who loses, as well as who has the resources, know-how, and operational abilities to carry them out. If those questions are asked, the compass needle moves to the imperialist aggressor and not its victims. Blaming the victims and exclusively focusing the investigation in that direction will not only implicate and victimize innocent people but will also further encourage the real perpetrators and planners to unleash more of such actions.

London bombings are likely to have been carried out by one or two well trained professionals, who carried the bomb-containing packages to the trains and the bus, left them there, and walked away, laughing all the way to the bank. The second London bombing, with minimal damages, may have been staged to further implicate the “Muslim extremists”, making, using, and planting primitive and inefficient explosive devices.

As described above, there are two major reasons for the implausibility and improbability of the involvement of Muslim resistance and “suicide bombers” in the London bombings.

In the London situation, there was no need for a suicide bombing. It could have been, and most probably was, carried out, relatively easily, without endangering oneself.

Muslim resistance has nothing to gain, and a lot to lose, by engaging in such acts in Europe, while the US imperialists are the main beneficiaries of such actions.

The above scenario, in spite of being hypothetical, is much more rational, plausible, and likely than what has been spun out so far by the British government. It is certainly worth looking into if the purpose of investigation is to uncover and find the real perpetrators of the London bombings, instead of finding the easiest way out by blaming some dead men as “suicide bombers”.

The real nature of the London bombings is likely to be incomparably more sinister than what is being manufactured by the British authorities. Whatever evidence is being produced could have easily been planted by the resourceful planners and perpetrators. It seems to have been the work of a highly professional and resourceful organization. US imperialists are becoming extremely unscrupulous and intoxicated in their international operations. Recently, the CIA has been caught red-handed in Italy in connection with the kidnapping and transport of a Muslim cleric to Egypt where he was subjected to prearranged jailing and torture. An Italian judge has issued arrest warrants for nineteen CIA agents, who are no longer in Italy, for that crime. There was also an uproar in the British academic circles when it was discovered that the CIA was recruiting British anthropologists. There is no lower limit for the infinitely low-lives, who can plan and implement such a grand mass murderous robbery as the one taking place in Iraq, in broad daylight, under pretexts that would put any mental retard to shame. Destruction of human lives not only means nothing to them, they feed and grow on it.

Fazal Rahman, Ph.D.
Interdisciplinary researcher and writer

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